Ventura County Reading Association

Who is VCRA?

VCRA members are proud of the International Literacy Association’s recognition of local efforts to promote literacy in Ventura County.
The Ventura County Reading Association (VCRA), an affiliate local council of the California Reading Association (CRA) and the International Literacy Association (ILA), is a professional organization of teachers, students, administrators, librarians, instructional assistants, parents, and others committed to literacy efforts in Ventura County.

Each year, VCRA members work to promote literacy through a variety of dynamic events and educational activities focused on practical application of literacy skills in all fields and across all disciplines.

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Executive Board
Committee Members

The VCRA Executive Board is made up of educators, librarians, authors and other community members who are committed to promoting literacy and providing educational opportunities through their volunteer efforts in the community.

Executive Board Officers

President     Charice Guerra
President-Elect     VACANT
Past-President     Rene Hohls
Recording Secretary     Mary Goldberg (Acting)
Treasurer     Mary Goldberg
Membership Chairperson   Rebecca Langston-George
Corresponding Secretary     Holly Kunkle

Board Members

Tiffany Peters - Member At Large
Tina Coury Welsh - Member At Large
Joan Fingon - Member At Large
Ashlee Nishiya - Newsletter Editor
Alexis O'Neill - Family Literacy Outreach Chair
Cecelia Jimenez - Member At Large
Vacant - Social Media/Web Page Chair
Vacant - Publicity/Photos

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Getting Involved?

Our Mission...

To increase LITERACY and promote a LOVE OF READING throughout all of Ventura County.

Promote Family and Community Literacy
Provide Professional Development
Aid International Community Partners
Increase and sustain council membership
Provide valuable services to our members
 - Engage area youth in writing and sharing their work at the annual Young Authors Faire

VCRA has actively supported literacy in
 Ventura County for over forty years.